Dawson City is a magical place with its own special charm. The two items on the left are some of the favorite and best selling items that travelers pick up on their way through Dawson.

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Welcome to Gold Trail Jewellers!

This is where it all started. Back in 1996 we opened our Gold Trail store in a small artist space in Britannia Beach, British Columbia. A few years later another building became available so we decided to expand into this larger space. We are glad we did since the place where the original space was is now the expanded sea to sky highway. That is the story of Gold Trail Jewellers in British Columbia.

This store operates year round and it is here that most of the designs become a reality from sketches and ideas. To see into the store please click on the thumbnails on the right.

The Gold Trail Store in Dawson City, Yukon that you see pictured on the right was established in 2004. As with all things Dawson, the building has a story. Back in the day before it was turned into our jewelry store and work shop it used to be a restaurant. It took a few months of hard work to remove any and all traces of the past and for the last 10 years this store has been serving tourists and locals alike with quality hand made jewelry produced by Andrew on site as well as art of all types made by local First Nations people of the area. Where else can you purchase a ring and have it sized free of charge in under 30 minutes?

You can find our charming store on Front Street across from the historic paddle-wheeler Keno. We are open 9 to 9 (or later) May through to October.